Policies on allergens

  • A monitoring programme has been drawn up for raw materials, including allergens. This is entirely assessed by independent auditors
  • The raw materials are stored per allergen or allergen group by allergen number so that specific allergen zones are created in the storage.
  • Throughout the entire production process, the raw materials are kept separate until they are mixed.
  • In procedures and work instructions, specific working methods are included regarding the handling of allergens.
  • Verstegen has a unique patented production process.
  • A chip on the barrels will ensure automated control and makes it impossible to use barrels that are not clean.
  • Taking into account the sequence of production prevents transmission of allergens.
  • The allergen numbers follow the raw material throughout the entire production process with labelling.
  • Employees have been and continue to be trained in dealing with allergens.
  • Machines are cleaned after every product change.
  • Cleaning of machines, materials and used parts is checked according to a monitoring programme with allergen testing methods.
  • Test methods used in the monitoring programme are allergen swabs and ELISA tests – In the case of gluten swabs, an assessment is made as to whether the tested surface of barrels and other material has been cleaned properly. The result of the test is then either negative or positive (>5ppm) – Several gluten Elisa tests are also carried out annually. This analysis is used to check the absence of gluten in substances including end products. This test method will indicate a quantity.
  • An allergens working group is active to fill in any customer-specific questions.
  • To ensure that everything is carried out according to the strictest standards, our allergen policy is tested in various quality systems.- Verstegen operates under BRC, certified by Lloyds.
    – Verstegen operates under IFS, certified by Lloyds.
    – Our Quality System has been tested according to the ISO standard.
    – Verstegen has achieved Risk Plaza+ and is audited by Lloyds.

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